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Health Visitors

Contacting our linked Health Visitor

A health visitor is a qualified nurse or midwife who has had extra training. They're there to help you, your family and your new baby stay healthy.

Your health visitor can visit you at home, or you can see them at your child health clinic, GP surgery or health centre, depending on where they're based.

Talk to your health visitor if you’re struggling with your mental health. They can give you advice and suggest where to find help.

They may also be able to put you in touch with groups where you can meet other parents.

You can be seen with your baby at the Baby clinic and have them weighed by booking into one of the following baby clinics.

Please remember to bring your red book when attending baby clinic so that all information can be recorded in one place.

Mondays Emperors Gate Clinic 
Tuesdays Worlds End Health Clinic
Thursdays St Cuthberts Children's Centre 09:30-11:00am
To book an appointment parents can make contact using the following methods:
020 8200 2500 select Option 2 for SPA Inner Team.
Monday - Friday 09:00 to 17:00 hours daily.



Please also use the above contact details should you wish to discuss anything with your health visitor. 

Kensington and Chelsea Family Information Service (FIS)

 Learn what services are on offer for children, young people and families in your local area 

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South Family Hub Children's Centre Offer

Our centres are warm and friendly places and welcome all resident families with a child  under five.

Our main centres are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Cheyne Children’s Centre is also open once a month on a Saturday.

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How to help your unwell child - leaflet for parents and carers of children under 5 years old

This booklet has been designed by a team of experts to help you care for your sick child. It will help you identify when an illness is minor and when it is serious. We recommend treating minor illnesses at home, where your child will be most comfortable.


For more advice and advice in other languages visit the healthier together page:

When should I worry booklet

Having an ill child can be a very scary experience for parents. If you understand more about the illness it can help you to feel more in control. This booklet is for parents (and older children) and deals with common infections in children who are normally healthy. It is not meant for children who have ongoing health problems such as asthma, heart, or kidney problems. You should not rely on the advice in this leaflet for children who are less than 3 months old. Babies younger than this can respond differently to infections. This booklet is not a substitute for medical advice but is a resource we find helpful to guide parents in caring for their children.

When should I worry-Booklet_England-with 111 service_2016.pdf

It is also available in other languages via this link: When should I worry?

Chicken Pox Vaccination

The Chicken pox vaccine is not currently part of the NHS vaccine schedule and therefore not available at the surgery.  Should  you wish for your child to receive this vaccine please contact a private provider. If your child is scheduled to receive the chicken pox vaccine, please ensure they either received their MMR vaccine from us on the same day or with a 4 week gap.

Mental Health Support for children and young people

Please consult with us regarding any concerns you may have about yourself or your child at any age. For those aged over 11 there are locally comissioned services available in addition to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health team. Please see the wellbeing and self referral page for more information about how to access these services.

Additional information

For additional information to support parents:

Home :: Healthier Together (


For more information about NHS, Local Authority and other services available for parents and children up to age 18 please visit:

Services and support for parents - NHS (